Hon. John E. Scipione (ret.)

Relationship & Life Coach

Hon. John E. Scipione (ret.) brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the realm of relationship and life coaching. With a distinguished career in the legal field of nearly three decades as an attorney and judge, his transition to coaching reflects his commitment to helping individuals navigate the complexities of life including professional and personal transitions. Drawing on his background as a former judge, John offers insightful guidance and a compassionate approach to empower clients in building fulfilling relationships, and achieving personal growth. His unique blend of legal acumen and interpersonal skills, coupled with his 25 year marriage to Dr. Kimberly J. Scipione and five children, positions him as a trusted mentor dedicated to fostering positive transformation in the lives of those he serves.

John is also the founder and principal of EquiResolve Mediation ( where he serves as a mediator and arbitrator committed to delivering balanced and expert conflict resolution.